What Realtors say about Ron Davis Custom homes

Ron Davis Custom Homes is proud to work with some of Dallas-Fort Worth's Premier Realtors® from the top Brokerage Offices in Texas. Call Ron Davis Custom Homes at 972-680-0365 to learn how RDCH can help your clients realize their vision for the perfect home.


Shana Acquisto
Broker and Co-Owner / Acquisto Real Estate 

Q: What drives you to bring clients to a Ron Davis Custom Home?
A: I would say initially, it's the design, the style and all the custom features in a Ron Davis Custom Home. He seems to be ahead of the curve as far as trends go. It seems like the Ron Davis homes are always in a location that is very desirable. I would say if I could bring every one of my clients, my custom build clients, I would because the experience that I've had has been amazing.

Ida Hung Circle.png

Ida Hung
REALTOR - Virginia Cook Realtors

Q: When shopping around the market with your customers, what is one of the things that atracts you and your customers clients to a Ron Davis Custom Home?
A:  Well, it's the quality and also and foremost, it's Ron Davis, himself. The way he takes care of customers and listens to their unique needs, regardless of culture or background, and makes them feel at home... 


Natalie Hatchett
REALTOR - Virginia Cook Realtors

Q: What is it like looking for a Custom Home for your clients in the Dallas area, and what sets Ron Davis Custom Homes apart.
A:  All of Dallas is right now is very hot, and most of the land values have gotten so high that builder's price points keep going up and up. It is really great that Ron Davis is able to create a quality product, with a eye for craftsmanship but keep the numbers a little more reasonable. I think the great thing about Ron Davis Custom Home is that it is a household name that you are familiar with when you walk in, and the whole experience is seamless so it is much easier for both the agent and the client to feel comfortable with the entire process.